• The Board Room (Hurricane)- This local shop offers a seating area for local gamers to meet. They also sell board games and host a variety of gaming events. Visit them on Facebook or at
  • Board with Life (Hampton Inn-Teays Valley)- Offers family-friendly board gaming every third Sunday, from 12:30-4:30 PM. You can learn more on their Facebook page.
  • Kavdaens Market (Hurricane)- Offers play space for gaming and hosts weekly trading card tournaments such as MTG, Pokemon, Kryptik, Metazoo, Flesh and Blood. They also offer tabletop gaming events, such as: Genesis and Warhammer. Some of these games are youth appropriate and some are at an adult skill level. Visit them on Facebook, at or call (304) 207-0809 for more information.
  • Chess- The WV Chess Association currently hosts chess clubs in two locations in Putnam County, St. Timothy’s in the Valley Episcopal Church and Valley Cakes and Café. Visit for more information.